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Papercat - 'Return of the Robots'
Cutout Booklet
Available in
This booklet is all about robots.
It contains 4 unique robots:
• Machino
• Roberta
• Ironic
• Tik-Tak

Inspiration for the 'The Return of the Robots' Booklet -
The robots' design is inspired by the old tin robots from the 1950’s that both Hadar and Eitan loved to collect. The cover illustration was based on by the atmosphere in the old movie ‘Metropolis’, which still is a masterpiece in all aspects. Each character has its own ID card, with information about its serial number, profession, hobbies, etc. Once constructed, the dolls can be played with or placed on shelves as decoration!

What is 'Happy Paper Toys'?
“Happy Paper Toys” are self-assembly toys. They come in the form of colorful designed booklets. Inside each booklet are paper toys in 2-dimensional layouts, which can easily be popped out of the page (no need for scissors!). Each toy has fun comics-style instructions; you only need to have is clear fast-drying glue, a string (for the transportation series only) and patience on hand!

The booklets are intended for various ages:
- Ages 4-10 can construct with the help of a parent
- Ages 10 and up can enjoy the challenge of assembling by themselves. The time spent constructing is magical: watching the two-dimensional sheet of paper being transformed, bit by bit, into a fun toy each time you fold it, leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
About PaperCat, Eitan Shiloh and Hadar Kimchy

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