Kosher Katalog is a Made-in-Israel fundraising
catalog created for Jewish Communities.

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  U.S. - Israel Free Trade Area Agreement (ILFTA) - Learn more about it - Click Here
If you have any questions in regards to these matters, the person responsible for international customer relations is:
Mr. Shlomo Azoulay
Director, Customer Service Department
Israel Postal Company Ltd
30, Jaffa Road, JERUSALEM 91999 ISRAEL
Telephone: +972 76 887 0055 Fax: +972 76 887 0010
Contact Mr. Azoulay if you have any questions regarding general information on rates, postal codes or other mailing matters concerning the international postal service.

  Form A - Certificate of Origin - See From A - Front - Back
What is "Form A" ?
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Avner Portnoy
Director, Information
The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute

29, Hamered St. TEL AVIV 68125 ISRAEL
Telephone: +972-3-5142874 Fax:  +972-3-5142852
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The Israeli Post web page - Click here - or download the General Info - PDF
Use the link above to research information regarding EMS shipping such as:
maximum box measurements, transit time and to learn about shipping restrictions.

Samantha Kitover
2366 Greenfield Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Tel: 312-285-5563
Section 3: Customs Declaration
EMS Postage Calculator - Click Here
Use the calculator to estimate the cost of shipping of your box(es).


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